Quick Web Browsing Tip – HTTPS Everywhere

Quick tip here to make your everyday web browsing more secure.

Somewhere, out in the wilderness is web browser plugin (I use it with Firefox) called HTTPS Everywhere. Once bolted on to your browser, it sits in the background, and if a site supports an encrypted connection, represented by the HTTPS, it’ll automatically divert you onto it, keeping your data safe. Site not in the addons (built in and extensive) database? You can add it yourself.

Amusingly Annoying

So here I am, trying to finally launch this website and all after months of teaching myself, testing, and working on the backend, and I’ve become a magnet for a (weak) denial of service attack among other hassles. On the bright side, it’s a pretty mediocre attempt on their part/especially for those that are malware-ridden zombie computers. Every attack on this site teaches me more and more and strengthens the defenses further, bring it on.

I considered bumping security up further, but at that point “the terrorists have won”, accessing the site would be a little too much hassle for a regular legitimate visitor. Another silver lining; I’ve got a few good examples I’ll be able to dissect in the future on this site; I’ve already done the technical side of it and grabbed the goodies I need to.

Knowledge is power.

“No block source available” – Bitcoin Core, Mac

So, I’d been having this error constantly while trying to get this client to run on OS X 10.11. Turns out it was a simple fix; I just redownloaded it (a few months later, but it may have been the same version.) No uninstalling or deleting, just replaced the old application with the new one and it launched fine.

Well, this is better than before:

Update: 7 hours later, no change. Use Multibit.