Are You Safe Online ? (Online privacy & security tests)

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How safe is it for you to be online right now? (Online 10 second tests!)

This easy to remember site is a quick way to check your IP address. Or at least, what is showing to the public as your IP address. DNSLytics is a more in depth service that analyses the structure of the internet.

BadSSL gives you a quick overview of how much modern security your web browser supports and is implementing.The more green on the screen, the safer you are. More red, less safe.

SSL Labs has a similar test. They also can test the security supported by a web server/website itself, just enter the address and let it go. And a third choice is How’s My SSL?

More tests (more specific or expert-oriented):

DNS Leak Check checks for DNS leaks, which can give away your identity even if you’re using a VPN. IP Leak also checks for them, as well as WebRTC leaks.

Can you see this site? Is your browser loading it? If so, your browser is being fooled by a forged security certificate/digital signature. You’re open to having your information stolen by phishing sites and other nasty things, and will be none the wiser. If you’re getting a security error, you’re safe.

More links to browse (tests, writing, and advice):

SSL Labs Projects & Homepage and their full list of (expert) assessment tools

G-Sec list of downloadable tools (mostly Windows)

Cipher List’s of downloadable tools and a test or two

SSL Decoder lets you check to security configuration of a website or server, just enter the address

Ivan Ristic’s writing about web security and encryption

Bruce Schnier’s writing, well known encryption expert

COMODO’s online server/site tester, just enter the address (currently not working)

Website reputation checker URLVoid is here. Close friend IP void which checks the server IP address is here.

Webmaster Tips has a list of site checking tools (like safety and reputation), same story with Google’s Transparency Report, the McAfee Site Advisor, whereas VirusTotal checks sites and downloaded files for viruses and threats.

DNSLytics is a great site, server, or IP address research and investigation tool. MXToolbox is similar and quite good too, as is Talos Intelligence.

More tools you can use to keep yourself safe and protect your privacy are over on this page:

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