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I Don’t Answer Private Phone Numbers

I’m pretty sure my voicemail message mentions this.

I don’t answer private numbers and  usually don’t answer unknown numbers.

Leave voicemail, I’ll likely check, or better yet, send a text message. And then, turn your number off silent.

Wrote this after being inspired by hidden numbers calling me the last few days and leaving no message or text.

Info And Contact

Michael Anthony Ralph.

NSW, Australia.

Phone: 0432 342 584 (+61 432 342 584 international) – voicemail and private numbers no answered.

Email: [email protected] (PGP key link below)

Wickr: m0432342584

Signal Messenger: 0432342584

WhatsApp: 0432342584

Email PGP key: (download link)

Instagram: michaelanthonyralph964

Snapchat: sweeterofdreams

ABN: 23 261 865 109

ACN: 23 261 865 109, Special Technology Services

Royal Australian Chemical Institute member.

Aviation Reference Number.