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Happy New Year’s Day, 2019

Happy New Year’s to all <3

Things have been up and down over the last few years, but I’ve more or less beaten my first goal of beating the 27 Club.

Sorry to everybody I’ve been an ass to, regardless of whether it was deserved, but in reality I think we all just want to get along and have a good time.

Much love to the people I know and see and those I’ve known for many years, even those I know just by face, or ever those who know me as “Edward Scissorhands.” You recognise the face, you recognise the person.

I can forgive a lot of things from the past; but I will say that doesn’t mean I forget because some things are so sickening they shouldn’t be forgiven. That said, I’ve made my own mistakes and I’ve learned from then; last night, New Year’s Eve of 2018, I’m quite sure I was equal most sober person in town. I had a blast. Fireworks, mates, letting the night goes where it goes.

You don’t need to get wasted and make an ass of yourself to have a good time. Good company, good times, and then who wouldn’t want to say hello? I just liked my pink lemonade (thanks The Harp Hotel for an amazing send off to 2018, great performances finales, and true professional staff all around.)

Many more thanks, but that’s enough for the moment.

Welcome 2019 <3